This app is a safe, intuitively-designed and entertaining for young children to learn facts about animals and habitats, as well as the importance of caring for them.
— Parents' Choice - Children's Media & Toy Reviews
The ZooMoo App is one the most professionally, thoughtful, intelligent apps out there. Deeply engaging & allows the user self-select the learning that they want. Parents can join in a “knee-to-knee” way that allows both themselves and their children alike to engage, learn and explore the habitats in which the animals live. ZooMoo is a fine example of what informative learning and play should be about.
— Educational App Store review, UK
So much of TV aimed at younger children is simply about passive consumption. We know from research about language learning that children respond to interaction and need engagement in order to be learners. There is something innately engaging about the animal kingdom. Television using animals to provide the engagement for children, while at the same time having educative content, is a wonderful idea.
— GREG CARROLL, ZooMoo Educational Advisor
We started watching ZooMoo channel today and my 3 yr old was riveted! Great channel teaching animals in an interesting way that captivated his and my attention! Great job! I hope u will be able to introduce more apps and more animals! Thank u!
— GINETTEEE, iTunes app review, Singapore
Kids aged 3-6 watch a lot of television, and what they watch is important. With a television channel exclusively designed with this age group in mind, it’s possible to develop quality programming that will provide a ‘safe haven’ for viewing.
— PROFESSOR JEFFREY SMITH, ZooMoo Educational Advisor
I want to a channel which I know will enrich my kids’ lives – and also one where I don’t have to hover over the children, ensuring they are watching something age- appropriate, and also content they understand.
— BECS WILSON - Mother of Tom (6) and Rosa (3), New Zealand
Having off-line content that continues with the themes and learning from the ZooMoo show would be great; familiar characters that are engaging and fun and designed for learning at the same time. And for the parents, having personalised support for the things they can do with their children to help their learning is a real asset.
— GREG CARROLL, ZooMoo Educational Advisor
My kids love animals and are engrossed by them. I love that about them. But I’m limited in what I can get for them - the animal programming we can access is for an adult audience. Your channel sounds like a gift from the Heavens.
— LENA CAPRA Mother of Eli and Liz (both 5), Brazil

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