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Well this is one the most professionally, thoughtful, intelligent apps out there. There are eight habitats to explore. When an animal is selected a data card pops up and is activated. The name of the animal is played back audibly. There are 3 tabs on the data card. One to play the animal’s name, one to see the animal in its natural environment via a professionally made film and a tab to state whether the animal is rare, endangered or abundant. Each tab can be selected as many times as required and after each time a reward is given. These are saved until a present is seen. When the present is opened three other cards appear containing items such as food and scene changes and one more animal. Every now and again a bubble appears above an animal in each habitat. When selected the app says whether the food is suitable for the animal or not so the user is learning about the correct food types. In each habitat male and female animals are seen and it is possible for the user to see whether each animal is “compatible” or not.

On the parents part of the app there are three tabs. One for the welcome page, one for the animals and one for the credits. The welcome page briefly explains what ZooMoo is all about. The animal page shows either an animal if it has been viewed or a lock symbol. This is where a parent gets an overview of their child’s play and learning experience with the ZooMoo app. There are a couple of ways of collecting more animals. A user can view the broadcasts with the app running. At a certain point the app will hear an audible cue and will give the user more cards in a similar way to the user browsing around the habitats and looking at the data cards on each of the animals. The user has a book icon on every page. The book stores all of the cards collected and other cards such as food and scene changes. The user can use the food cards to feed the animals and change a scene, say from day to night. This is where the user learns about nocturnal animals and how each habitat changes at this time. The user needs to learn how to look after each animal in its habitat by feeding it the correct food and not allowing it to be predated by the other animals around it. The user learns which animals get on with each other as every now and again a speech bubble appears above each animal with a picture of an another animal in the scene. When pressed the ZooMoo app either gives a reward or it makes an unpleasant noise indicating that the animals do not like each other.

The ZooMoo app is deeply engaging. It allows the user self-select the learning that they want. Parents can join in a “knee-to-knee” way that allows both themselves and their children alike to engage, learn and explore the habitats in which the animals live. The ZooMoo app is very gently gamified and allows the child to build on their acquired knowledge over time that not justs build encyclopaedic knowledge, but it also becomes deep learning as the child is fully in control of what they are wanting to learn about in a way that seems to be just play. This is edutainment in its finest form. There is no time pressure on the user in any of the habitats so each user learns at their own pace. ZooMoo is a fine example of what informative learning and play should be about. Functionally, it is as near to perfect as you can get. The sounds are not jarring, the visuals are representative of the animals being studied and the real life content is of outstanding quality shot in the field by professionals. The developer’s website has all the information needed to support the app and to demonstrate the augmented audible input from the television programme broadcasts. The ZooMoo app cannot be recommended highly enough and will not be deleted from this reviewer’s iPad.

December 12th 2014
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ZooMoo comes to DIRECTV PanAmerica

ZooMoo comes to DIRECTV PanAmerica

The World’s first fully interactive kids channel devoted to the Animal World is here.

ZooMoo – It’s All Animals All the Time!

10 September 2014 – DIRECTV, the leading pay TV operator in entertainment, announces the launch of ZooMoo in Latin America.

ZooMoo is the world’s first children's channel devoted entirely to the Animal World. This fully interactive channel has puppets, cartoons, games, music, puzzles and activities designed to create a unique television and educational experience for young viewers. The channel is complemented by a fully synchronized second screen application that allows ZooMoo channel viewers to automatically collect animals they encounter on the TV screen and bring them to life on their tablet or smart phone.

The revolutionary ZooMoo App enhances the interactivity of ZooMoo by turning smartphones and tablets into an extension of the channel. The application is available for free download from the App Store and Google Play.

ZooMoo was developed by David Haslingden, CEO of ZooMoo Networks and former President of Fox Networks Group. In 2012 he identified a niche in the market for children's channels. Supported by the rich tradition of Natural History programming by international producers Beach House Pictures and NHNZ, he started to build the first children's channel dedicated entirely to animals.

"Our experience and passion is based on nature and the natural world. Children around the world have a natural affection and interest in these things but there were no channels that offered children content about animals that were specifically designed for them. So we came up with ZooMoo - the first children's channel dedicated exclusively to animals. Our audience may be young, but they already know about digital technology so we made sure ZooMoo was also the first channel to be fully synchronized with a digital content on smartphones and tablets," Haslingden said.

ZooMoo is available in Brazil, Indonesia and Singapore and now DIRECTV offers ZooMoo to customers in Argentina, the Caribbean, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay.

“At DIRECTV our promise is to offer the best multiplatform experience for our subscribers to enjoy how, where, and when they want it. That’s why we’re happy to be able to include ZooMoo - it offers the opportunity to experiment with interactive content that is also educational. An ideal companion for our family audiences,” says Rick Nerod, Senior Vice President of Programming at DIRECTV Latin America.

ZooMoo is available on DIRECTV channel 321.

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DIRECTV, Inc. is one of the world’s leading providers of digital television entertainment services  delivering a premium video experience to more than 20 million viewers in the United States and more than 18 million viewers in Latin America and the Caribbean. Every day DIRECTV subscribers enjoy 100% digital quality and sound, industry leading customer service, state-of-the-art advanced DVR and HD DVR services, award-winning technology like the Control Plus™, and the widest coverage of important events, leagues and sports packages offered with interactive features that only DIRECTV can bring. For more information visit:

About ZooMoo
ZooMoo Networks is a multi-media company that owns and operates the ZooMoo channel, programming and interactive content for children around the World.  ZooMoo is a collaboration between some of the World’s foremost wildlife filmmakers, early childhood educationalists and technology developers.  Its programming engages and entertains children with the wonders of animals, to stimulate and develop their innate emotional connection with the natural world.  In addition to Latin America, ZooMoo is available in Singapore on StarHub and in Indonesia on Indovision, with more territories to be announced soon.



The ZooMoo channel was launched in Asia today on Starhub in Singapore.   ZooMoo is the world’s only children’s channel that is fully dedicated to animals.  The channel was launched together with a fully synchronized second screen application that allows ZooMoo channel viewers to automatically collect every animal they encounter on the TV screen and bring them to life on their tablet or smart phone.

The ZooMoo Channel and App are produced by NHNZ of New Zealand and Beach House Pictures of Singapore (“BHP”).  It is their first major joint initiative after being acquired by David Haslingden, former President of Fox Networks Group.  “Given NHNZ and BHP’s rich tradition in natural history programming, a channel devoted to wildlife was a perfect fit for their expertise and their passion.   ZooMoo is the first ever children’s channel devoted entirely to animals as well as being the first channel of any kind to be fully synchronized with an evolving digital game for phones and tablets.” 

ZooMoo’s programming strategy is lead by Sydney Suissa who joined ZooMoo in 2012 after a long career at National Geographic Channel as EVP of Content he oversaw all of the programming carried by Nat Geo Channels around the World.  “As every parent knows, children have a natural affinitity and affection for animals.  The chance to be the first group to use the power of TV to fully tap directly into that was too good to pass up”. 

Commenting on the unique interactive functions of the channel, Mr. Suissa said “Every parent also knows that kids love playing with their parent’s smart phone or tablet!  If your child does that while watching ZooMoo they can automatically collect every animal they see and continue to learn and play with them.  Parents can use the App to see what their kids have watched and to have informed discussions about the animals they’ve collected, their habitats, eating habits, sounds and names, as well as concepts such as endangerment.”

The inventive genius behind much of ZooMoo’s programming is Emmy Award-winning Creative Director Ian McGee.  25 years ago Mr. McGee took his Zoology degree to NHNZ to produce television about animals. “Producing ZooMoo is the best job in the world.  We find fascinating facts about the planet’s most amazing animals, mix them together with some of the world’s best wildlife footage, and throw in a cast of crazy puppet and animated characters.   What’s not to love?”

Heading the BHP Kids team in Singapore, Susan Oliver is one of Australia’s most experienced pre-school producers having worked on hundreds of hours children’s TV for the international market. “Working with the Singapore team on this unique network that educates and entertains kids in all things animals is an absolute joy.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not laughing at our puppets or learning something new about animals.”

The ZooMoo App was created by Dr. George Sealy working together with Civolution’s cutting edge digital watermarking and fingerprinting applications for media. Dr. Sealy commented:  “ZooMoo is the first channel designed from its inception with the goal of co-existing on a synchronized basis across multiple screens.  This allows us to use the unique characteristics and functionalities of different screens to tailor the way we bring the make the wonders of our animal kingdom entertaining and informative for our young audiences all over the World.  I’d like to pay particular tribute to our technology providers at Civolution for providing the revolutionary watermarking technology that makes this all possible.

At launch ZooMoo’s programming comprises over 3,000 separate animal stories which have been scheduled into unique one hour blocks under a structure developed in consultation with leading childhood learning specialists. 

The ZooMoo channel was first launched in Brazil in September 2013 and is slated to launch in other markets across Latin America, Europe and Asia this year.  The ZooMoo App is a free download available on iOS and Android. Check out the ZooMoo website for videos, photos and more. Follow ZooMoo on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest.


NHNZ is a major global producer of factual television creating original content for Animal Planet, Discovery, Smithsonian, Nat Geo Wild, CCTV and NHK.  Highly regarded for its 35-year plus natural history heritage, more recently NHNZ has branched out to other factual genres with hit shows like I Survived… for A&E’s Bio Channel and Redwood Kings for Animal Planet.   The company’s storytelling prowess has been recognized with more than 250 international awards including Emmy awards and the prestigious Wildscreen Panda.  In addition to its base in Dunedin, New Zealand, NHNZ has offices in Beijing and Washington DC.


Beach House Pictures is an award-winning TV production company based in Singapore and Taiwan that specializes in factual, kids and entertainment content for the international market. To date, BHP has produced over 300 hours of quality television programs with its partners.