Welcome to the world of Zoomoo!

ZooMoo has a cast of funny, furry characters who help young children develop a knowledge and affection for animals, leading to a lifelong love of conservation.

The ZooMoo lineup comprises 1,500+ self-contained shows, combining spectacular wildlife footage with a range of puppetry, animations, and narrative techniques to create a unique viewing and learning experience for little viewers.

Channel Format

ZooMoo’s programming grid or schedule is built on a one-hour block format, repeated throughout the broadcast day. Each block is organized into five themed strands; Explore Time, Create Time, Play Time, Puzzle Time and Quiet Time. ZooMoo’s educational experts have stressed that the consistency of this structure is critical for learning and skill-building in preschoolers.

The episodes may seem rigorously formulaic to an adult but to preschoolers this repetition isn’t boring. Each time they watch a show, they experience it in a completely different way.  In this way, repetition is a tool to maximize comprehension, hold children’s attention and increase audience participation. Children are not only tolerant of repetition, they respond to it enthusiastically.

Researchers conducting field tests of ZooMoo programming found the attention and comprehension of young viewers increases with each repeated viewing. Initially audience participation is low because children are focusing on unfamiliar material. After five viewings, more of the children’s cognitive resources are available for interaction and participation.

But don't take our word for it!  Below is a selection of our shows for you to enjoy.


Lemur and Ninja Gorilla are folding up a storm! Can you guess what they're making?

The Adventure Machine

Want to fly like a bird? Or swim like a fish? Then come for a ride in Piglet's Adventure Machine!

Download This!

What animal has Flash sent to Owl today? Help Owl guess in "Download This!"

Sculpt It

Lemur is in his studio armed with clay and tools. Enjoy watching Lemur create his latest masterpiece!

Look Who's Talking

Flash finds out what animals are really thinking!

My Drawing

What animal is being drawn today?

What's for Dinner?

A giant egg?

Baby DJ

Baby DJ remixes some Yellow-Eyed penguins.

Ninja Pop

Ninja Gorilla is the balloon animal king, he can make anything! Can you guess what he is making?


Mom Orang' has an interesting story about a Hen, and the Hawk who loves her.

Star of the Day

Rocky is at the Singapore Zoo visiting Pedro the sea lion. Find out why Pedro is the star of the day!

Growing Up

Flutter is a baby caterpillar. She likes to watch other animals growing up. Find out what the hornbill uses to make it's nest!

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